QREW Technologies Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

November 14, 2023

College Station, TX | June 3, 2022 — QREW Technologies, helping advance a generation of citizen developers, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Google Cloud Partner - Indirect Reseller, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to create more efficient processes with no-code technologies like AppSheet.


As a Google Cloud partner, QREW Technologies offers customers no-code development services and training. Key features include:

  • OnDemand Trainings
  • Live Team & Enterprise Trainings
  • Solution Architecture Consulting
  • Custom App Development
  • Support Retainers


“Being one of the early and active AppSheet Partners, it has been amazing to see this platform join the Google Cloud family and add value to an already excellent cloud & collaboration offering. We’re excited to keep advancing a generation of citizen developers by helping customers unpack the value Google Cloud has to offer in this space.”

  • Stefan Quartemont, President of QREW Technologies & AppSheetTraining.com


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