Tier 2 AppSheet Support

AppSheet Support by QREW

Need expert help supporting AppSheet within your IT department? QREW's Tier 2 Support provides comprehensive assistance for your organization's AppSheet environment. Our experienced Google Developer Experts and AppSheet Specialists rapidly resolve escalated issues from your internal help desk, minimizing disruptions and improving user satisfaction. We also empower your IT team with advanced AppSheet troubleshooting training and knowledge transfer sessions, enabling them to handle complex issues independently. Our team provides direct collaboration with your IT staff, ensuring a seamless AppSheet experience. We can also provide guidance on best practices, optimization strategies, governance policies, and complex integrations, ensuring the long-term success and security of your AppSheet implementation. Explore our flexible add-ons for even more tailored support options.

Included in Support

8x5 Support Desk

  • Break/fix support for AppSheet service and AppSheet apps
  • M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM Central Time
  • Excluding national and QREW holidays

ProServ 50

  • 50 hours (per term) of QREW professional services.
  • QREW developer experts help creators with new apps or enhancements to existing apps
  • Governance policy consulting

AppSheet Troubleshooting Training

  • Train 1st level support resources on AppSheet troubleshooting

Operational Training

  • Information needed for opening tickets with QREW
  • QREW ticket system overview
  • Review of Support SLAs

QREW Chrome Extension

  • Provides QREW support with app-level details to assist in troubleshooting
Pain Points
Struggling to upskill your Help Desk and support end users on AppSheet? Google support not enough? Contact QREW.
  • Resolve AppSheet errors and performance issues quickly
  • Gain expert guidance on app development and enhancement
  • Empower your team with AppSheet troubleshooting skills
  • Streamline your AppSheet support process
  • Ensure long-term AppSheet success with ongoing support
  • Rapid Issue Resolution
  • Proactive Guidance
  • Empower Your Team
  • Streamlined Support
  • Maximize AppSheet Value
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