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Hey, I need a quick fix for my scheduling spreadsheet. I've got a $500 budget. Thoughts??
- You
Is that a critical piece of tech for your business? Doesn't sound like it...

I would hire a freelancer. Try UpWork.com
- QREW Strategic Advisor
Quick Question: I'm building an operating system for a government spy satellite 🛰️ can you guys help me? 
- You
That's freakin legit!  But no, we're not the guys for that. Definitely want to go find a reputable Traditional Dev Shop.
- QREW Strategic Advisor
So... I'm tired of spending my time manually managing key functions of my business. Core Business data is floating around a dozen spreadsheets, and our current scheduling tool is not customizable enough.

Can you help? 
- You
Short answer: YESSS!!! 

Sounds like your business is growing but your systems aren't. I think it's worth it to invest in customized ops software. We have cutting edge tools that will save you a ton of time in the process.

Let's hop on a call so we can talk about building a reliable and scalable solution.
- QREW Strategic Advisor

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