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November 30, 2023
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The days of paper forms, manual spreadsheet entry, painful mail merges, and interns creating hundreds of reports are over!

Picture this: You’re in the fast lane of business, but you’re driving an 80’s minivan bleeding spreadsheets, sticky notes and paper forms…

Don’t run your business like this
Is this your business system?

The struggle is real. Lucky for you, No Code app development tools, like Google’s AppSheet, are here to clear the clutter and bring your business operations back up to speed.

But where should I start with a No Code App?

Well, I’m glad you asked! While this tech can Supercharge in any part of your company, I’ve found, through thousands of hours of experience, that these 3 areas are always ripe for automation.

  1. Sales & Marketing Systems
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Field Service Operations

Custom Sales & Marketing Systems

Most companies get conned into bloated CRM systems. Or get stuck in the never ending process of traditional dev and Salesforce customization. AppSheet’s broad feature set and data-driven approach lets you tailor a Lead Management system to fit your business like a glove — without the 6 figure price tag and months of development time. Even for Salesforce customers, you can connect AppSheet directly to your Salesforce Customer or Opportunity objects and build custom interfaces that combine with other business data.

Stop wasting time trying to make big box CRMs work for you

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to Automate document creation tasks (like proposals & contracts) based on the data you have attached to each customer profile, thus freeing up your team to focus on closing deals and cashing checks.

Got a walkthrough for a Marketing Automation App right here.

Streamlining Inventory Management:

Tired of manual inventory tracking? AppSheet offers a game-changing solution. In just a few hours, you can create a custom inventory management app to generate pick lists, track product movements, and receive alerts for low stock — all from mobile devices and without requiring a great internet connection. (Cuz we know warehouses don’t make good streaming caves)

Warehouse management can be like this…

AppSheet’s native barcode scanner and Offline Stability really set it apart in this category.

Here’s how to build an Inventory Management App

Dominate Field Service Operations

Organizing your field operations can be like herding cats… logistics, data capture, getting people to write reports and log incidents… rough! AppSheet can eliminate a ton of friction in this process. Honestly, I think it’s the single biggest area AppSheet separates itself from other NCLC products. AppSheet’s dynamic forms go way beyond things like Google Forms and Jotform, allowing you to structure all the nuance of those 5000 point inspections your team has to do every month.

AppSheet changes the game for Field Ops

By capturing inspection data digitally, you can not only reduce reporting errors, but generating industry standard reports becomes a breeze. As soon as your data is collected, AppSheet Bots can have a spiffy PDF report created and sent directly to your customer! This supercharged efficiency can cut the time it takes to generate those final work products by 50% or more.

Of course, I’m gonna show exactly how to build an Inspection App right here.

There you have it, folks! 3 great No Code App ideas to bring your company into the future! Google AppSheet is your key to business automation nirvana, and the QREW Tech team is honored to be your trusty guide on this journey. Don’t miss out on our future deep dives into the world of Automation Wizardry. Follow, clap, and stay tuned for more game-changing insights!

Stefan Quartemont

Stefan Quartemont

Stefan Quartemont is a No Code & Low Code app development expert. Co-founder of QREW Technologies, AppSheetTraining.com, and NoCodeList.co, his leadership and problem-solving skills drive the enhancement of business operation technology, aiming to positively impact employees and customers through efficient and effective solutions.

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